meet the doctor

Meet the Doctor

Dr. James is both humbled and honored that his work as an endodontist makes such a difference in patients’ lives by saving their teeth and relieving them of pain.

Welcome to Assured Endodontics

Dr. Michael A. James of Assured Endodontics provides quality, painless endodontic care (root canal therapy) in a competent, caring, and compassionate environment.

In saving teeth and relieving pain, Dr. James and his staff help patients regain their oral health and resume enjoying all life offers.

As an Endodontist, Dr. James understands the thought of a root canal can cause apprehension for some individuals. He helps each patient overcome their fears, attentively listening to their concerns and answering their questions. For anxious patients, Dr. James offers safe oral and IV sedation options for worry-free procedures.

In addition to endodontic therapy, Dr. James offers endodontic retreatment and surgery, as well as vital pulp therapy (pulpotomy) and treatment for cracked teeth. Using state-of-the-art technology and evidence-based techniques, he ensures effective and lasting results.

Located in Germantown, TN, Assured Endodontics serves patients from Memphis, Cordova, Collierville, and surrounding communities. Please contact the office to learn more about the pain-free root canal therapy offered and schedule an appointment with Dr. James, today.

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