Painless Root Canals

Dr. Michael A. James of Assured Endodontics in Germantown, Tennessee, provides high-quality, comfortable endodontic therapy in a compassionate and supportive environment.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and leading-edge techniques, Dr. James will relieve your pain and save your tooth, allowing you to return to enjoying life.

Why Choose Dr. James and Assured Endodontics for Your Root Canal?

As an Endodontist, Dr. James has completed several years of advanced training following dental school, culminating in a Master of Science in Dentistry and Certificate in Endodontics. This specialty education focused on dental pulp – the interior of the tooth – and the treatment of tooth pain, infection, trauma, and disease.

While all general dentists have some limited training in root canal therapy, Dr. James has in-depth expertise. He performs routine and complex root canal treatments every day, ensuring each patient’s care is efficient and comfortable, for the ideal outcome.

Dr. James’ practice – Assured Endodontics – is limited to endodontic care: root canals, retreatment, endodontic surgery, and care for cracked teeth, traumatic dental injuries, and emergencies. It is equipped with specialized technologies and tools used to diagnose, treatment plan, and perform procedures, for comprehensive and painless care, with predictable results.

Compassionate Care

Dr. James and his staff understand that the idea of a root canal can cause distress for some individuals. They seek to alleviate patient anxiety by attentively listening to each person’s concerns and then walking the patient through their procedure, explaining what will happen and why. Taking a complex, frightening-sounding process and making it understandable and non-threatening helps patients feel confident about their care.

While Dr. James is known for his gentle touch, he also knows that some people will still feel worried about their procedure. He offers safe sedation, including oral and IV options, to help these individuals feel at ease.

Schedule an Appointment

If your general dentist has recommended a root canal, or you are suffering from tooth pain, please contact Assured Endodontics and schedule an appointment with Dr. James. The office, in Germantown, TN, serves Memphis, Cordova, Collierville, and surrounding communities.

With efficient, accurate, and comfortable endodontic care, Dr. James will save your tooth, relieve the pain, and soon have you back to enjoying life. Schedule your root canal, today!